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What makes DaddyShoppe products stand apart from other items at other stores?

You will find all kinds of lifestyle and home décor items at DaddyShoppe, but each piece bears a testament of an artist’s struggle, hours’ of work, and fine execution. You can find brilliant examples of such dedication and talent in every corner of our store including the Home & Living section while checking out the bells, toys, tealight holders and garlands for decorating your home.

Are you interested in more functional additions to your kitchen and dining areas? Then you should check out our extensive collection of rustic bowls, metallic coasters, glasses and mugs, containers and platters, each made with lots of care and love by craftsmen from the country.

Allow DaddyShoppe.com to bring melody to your life and home with the genuine handmade musical
instruments from India. Explore the collection that blends music with aesthetic at DaddyShoppe with handcrafted manjeera in brass or bronze.

How has DaddyShoppe been influencing lives and transforming lifestyles?

DaddyShoppe unites the ancient culture, and heritage of the artist community of India with your need for unique and sustainable items for your home. Transform your lifestyle with the work of art that stems from generations of patient learning and meticulous execution.

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