Handmade Hammered Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug Set of 2


Handmade Hammered Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug Set of 2 – Cocktail (18 OZ) Drinking Mug

Each piece is made of 100% pure solid copper. this Copper Moscow Mule Mug Classic Shape 18 OZ.

Completely handmade pure copper mugs with a hammered finish are perfect for your morning iced mocha, late afternoon lemonade, and evening cocktails. These drink-safe mugs designed and made by talented artisans of India come in a set of 2. The 4-inch high and 4.5-inch wide mule mugs are the perfect addition to any tastefully decorated dining table, kitchen island, or kitchen cupboard.

The solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug keeps your drinks refreshing and healthy. Use them for Moscow mules, iced tea, iced coffee, mojito, or copper-infused water regularly. Say goodbye to unhealthy plastic alternatives from your home by welcoming these sustainable and corrosion-resistant copper mule mugs.

100% pure copper keeps your drinks cool and healthy irrespective of the season and ambient temperature. Keep your drinks safe and refreshing for long hours in the all-natural handmade pure copper Moscow mule mugs.

Please use lime and salt or Pitambari powder to clean this product.


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